C2U Show Notes
Episode 1: Welcome to the debut of Dr. Todd Black’s new podcast. He’s to owner of Chiropractor2U, bringing chiropractic care to a patient’s home or office. This is an innovative way to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care. Today, we’ll learn about Dr. Black and how he developed this new, healthcare delivery model.

Early in Dr. Black’s career, he worked in fine dining catering. It introduced him to the concept of taking care of people in their homes. That experience stuck with him as he studied his way through chiropractic school. Both are focused on delivering a high-quality experience in the person’s own home.

Most of the patients who treat with Chiropractor2U were involved in car wrecks or other types of motor vehicle accidents. The last thing an injured patient wants to do is to get back into a car, drive across town in busy traffic, spend unnecessary time sitting in a crowed waiting room and then driving back home after the treatment appointment. Chiropractor2U is a better solution for the patient and his/her time.

While in chiropractic school, Dr. Black won a portable adjustment table at an event. This was just one more part of the concept that eventually became Chiropractor2U.

After he graduated, Dr. Todd Black encountered a patient who was crying in the office. She was stressed out about having company in for the holidays and having to struggle to make it to her adjustment appointments. Again, it was another validation for the need to develop a mobile chiropractic office.

Chiropractor2U is also helpful for patients who are having trouble getting to treatments due to child care issues, elder care commitments or even shift work. Dr. Black is willing schedule adjustments in the evening and on weekends, to better accommodate patient schedules.

The Chiropractor2U Bus
Dr. Black has a treatment bus designed to allow for chiropractic appointments. He refers to it as a way to deliver “Heals on Wheels.” It’s designed for comfortable, easy access, including a wheelchair lift.

The first step in setting up an appointment is to book a convenient time by visiting www.Chiropractor2U.com. A patient can download the initial forms and treatment authorizations, or Dr. Black can have the paperwork delivered to the new patient.

He’ll take time to listen to the patient explain how the injury occurred, where they are sensing pain and then understand the best course of treatment. An initial exam can be performed, just like in a traditional chiropractor’s office. He and the patient will discuss a treatment plan designed for that person’s specific injuries or pain. A typical adjustment can last 20-30 minutes. However, because it’s performed at the patient’s home or office, it’s usually much less stressful.

Geographic Coverage
Dr. Black and the Chiropractor2U bus covers all of the Louisville metro area. He also can take appointments in Elizabethtown, Shepherdsville, Mt. Washington and other surrounding areas. Appointment availability can vary, but generally speaking, Dr. Black is happy to make arrangements or help you to find another trusted chiropractor in your area.

As we close this first episode, remember, “I’m Dr. Todd Black and I’ve got your back!”

Be sure to follow Chiropractor2U on Facebook. If you’re in pain, call (502) 309-9037 today to set up your adjustment. Don’t let back pain keep you from enjoying life.