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Episode 2: Welcome to today’s episode Dr. Todd Black’s podcast. This episode is about mistakes people make after a car wreck. We’ll also discuss the importance of chiropractic treatment plans. The majority of Chiropractor2U’s clients have been involved in some type of automobile accident. Dr. Black will discuss common injuries and how Chiropractor2U’s mobile chiropractic care model can help patients get back to normal.

Common Car Accident Injuries
Whiplash happens very often. It can cause headaches, neck pain, back pain and/or radiating pain, etc. The numbness or tingling in the extremities can be from nerve damage, cause by the car wreck.

Pain in the shoulders, knees, ankles and wrists are also common issues for people who’ve experienced an automobile accident.

Delayed Onset of Pain
Adults often overlook the possibility of injuries to children who may have been passengers in the car at the time of the collision. Both adults and children can experience a delayed onset of pain. At the time of the accident and in the hours immediately following, the body’s true pain-level may be masked by adrenaline. As the days progress, the adrenaline wears off and the true symptoms emerge.

Should You Contact Dr. Black?
Most people tend to contact Dr. Black and Chiropractor2U within 24-hours of experiencing a car wreck. Some have already been to the ER. Others may try to tough it out. The following morning’s pain and stiffness may indicate the need for chiropractic care.

3 Common Mistakes People Make After a Car Wreck
Dr. Todd Black has practiced for over 25 years. He’s treated many auto accident victims. Here’s a list of mistakes people make regarding their health and pain.

  1. Trying to tough it out. Ignoring the pain is something many people think is the appropriate thing to do. Unfortunately, the pain may be caused by a serious, medical issue. At the same time, it prevents you from fully enjoying the life you had before the accident. If the pain persists, consider contacting Chiropractor2U. Dr. Todd Black will design a custom treatment plan for your specific situation.
  2. Applying dry heat. Many people initially attempt to treat the injury or pain by themselves. A heating pad may be one of the methods used. Initially, the heat can feel good, but it can also accelerate the inflammation, resulting in more pain.
  3. Trying to get back to normal too quickly. After an injury, the body needs time to heal. Oftentimes, people begin experiencing compensation pain because they are using different muscles to compensate for pain felt in the injured area.

The Importance of Completing Your Treatment Plan
It’s not uncommon for people to begin feeling better after a few initial adjustments (i.e. treatments). It’s at that point, some decide to discontinue their treatments. This can be a mistake.

Dr. Todd Black explains that a treatment plan is a care plan developed help you recover from your injuries. The pain may feel less than it was originally, but the body may still need help healing. He brings his mobile chiropractic office to his patient’s home or office. This innovative approach makes it much more convenient for an injured person to continue receiving the prescribed number and types of treatments. Think of it as “Heals on Wheels.”

What Areas Does Chiropractor2U Cover?
Dr. Todd Black services the entire Louisville metro. This includes downtown, Prospect, Fern Creek, Okolona and even Shepherdsville and Elizabethtown. Chiropractor2U was developed to make quality injury care simple, easy and affordable.

As we wrap up this episode, remember, “I’m Dr. Todd Black and I’ve got your back!”

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