Massage Therapy to Relieve Pain and Stress

Massage 300x400Feeling over-stressed?  Thinking about a massage, but don’t have time to get one?  Chiropractor2U offers massage services in your home or office.  If you’ve been injured, consider adding massage to your chiropractic care program.

Chiropractors often incorporate stretching and other techniques to relieve pinched nerves or overworked muscles and to regain your full range of motion.  By combining massage therapy with your normal chiropractic program, you can accelerate your recovery and enhance your general health.

It’s okay to treat yourself, for a change.

Getting a massage isn’t just a luxury.  The benefits can lead to better performance at work and a healthier lifestyle.  It’s simple.  When you feel better, your naturally work more effectively.  Massage can enable you to concentrate longer by eliminating that nagging pain (which can be a major distraction).  You’ll also find that you’re more creative once you’re finally able to relax.

A simple massage may be just the thing to help you make it through the week, handle the chaos around the house, or even prepare for that big presentation.  By relaxing your mind and muscles, you’ll feel more energy to take on the day, whatever that might entail.

If you work on your feet all day, your spine gets compressed, your neck strains and your knees begin to ache.  Sound familiar?  It’s no wonder we’re not “feeling like we used to.”  You deserve some relief and relaxation.  Your co-workers will appreciate it.  Your spouse will be surprised at your new energy levels.  Your kids will just be happy to see you in a better mood.  Massage therapy works.

Don’t sit in traffic.  Don’t miss more shifts.  Dr. Todd Black and a licensed massage therapist can treat you, on your schedule, even if that means during the early morning or late evening.

Chiropractor2U will come to your home or office.

Remember to ask Dr. Black about the benefits of adding chiropractic adjustments to your massage therapy!

Don’t let pain keep you from getting back to work or taking care of the home and kids.  You deserve some relief from the stress of life.  Why not treat yourself to a relaxing, in-home massage?

Call Chiropractor2U to schedule an appointment today.  Our phone number is: (502) 309-9037.  We service patients in Louisville and the surrounding counties.  Relief from your pain and stress is only a phone call away!